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Yoga with Kiki

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Yoga for Every Body

Southampton St Denys Boat Club

With many thanks to you all St Denys yogis, we have 2 brilliant classes running. Anyone wanting to give yoga a try could not find  more supportive and welcoming groups.

 Much love,


 JUNE- JULY  course of lessons starting WB Mon 03/06 NOW OPEN FOR BOOKING!

CHOOSE BETWEEN Mondays 7.15pm

OR Wednesdays 7.30pm 


Please note that because spaces are limited I cannot offer drop-ins.

TO BOOK/ENQUIRE email me at



Female yoga teacher on the sandy beach of Tarifa, facing the sea, wide leg standing pose with right arm raised towards a bright big sun
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About Yoga with Kiki

How Yoga works

Our modern lifestyle implies that we use our minds over our bodies disproportionately. Yoga aims to restore this balance. By moving through postures, Yoga enables the mind to reconnect with the body by focusing on the breath. Yoga is a way to still the mind which helps bring about a sense of wellbeing. By practising Yoga, you will learn some tools to help you cope better in moments of stress. The physical benefits of the practice are multiple and include increased strength and flexibility overtime. Yoga also helps promote sleep and can help ease general aches and pains.
Take steps now to make a change; and enjoy the many benefits of Yoga.

four yogis form a circle in dancer's pose, they are holding on the the front of their right foot and join their left hand together in the centre of the circle

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"


Let’s Connect

Get in touch to learn more about classes, workshops, and making yoga a part of your life.

Yoga with Kiki

St Denys Boat Club

Priory Avenue


SO17 2LT

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