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8 people in 4 pairs they are in extended side angle pose their front knee is bent towards each other  their top arm is reaching up and over to reach the other person's fingers

Corporate Yoga

The wellbeing of staff is increasingly important to benevolent company directors as it means that a happy, relaxed and healthy staff equates to fewer sick days, increased productivity, improved teamwork and loyalty.

 I offer 30 minutes to 1-hour lunchtime yoga sessions on Mondays and Fridays in the comfort of your workplace.

(Southampton/New Forest areas only)

Equipment provided for up to 10 people (mats, blocks, straps)


30 minute lesson: £100 flat fee for up to 10 people then an additional £10 per person

45 minute lesson: £150 flat fee for up to 10 people then an additional £10 per person

60 minute lesson: £200 flat fee for up to 10 people then an additional £10 per person

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8 people sitting back on their heels only their hands and the top of their mats is visible in the octogon shape formed by the mats is wooden floor boards

Teen and School Staff Yoga

I currently teach Yoga to teenagers and staff at Testwood School where I have been teaching French for 15 years and it's wonderful to see the impact Yoga is making there in the space of a year. I offer workshops on “Yoga for Stress Management and Anxiety” for teens. 

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sunset in Tarifa soft curling gray waves and bright orange and red sky

1-1 Yoga Sessions

I started offering 1-1 sessions in March 2018.

After an initial free consultation to assess your needs and address what Yoga can and cannot do. You will then decide whether you want to go ahead with one to ones. One to one sessions are very different from attending a class in that the lesson will be created specifically for you and tailored to your ability.  For this reason, sessions are a little more intense because all the attention is on you and what you are trying to achieve. Know that I will give you the Yoga you want but also the Yoga I think you need. You will benefit from hands on assists which means that I am physically able should you agree to change your position/alignment by using my hands or my body. This is at times a subtler way of checking alignment. I can also help ease you into certain positions by using gentle massage.  One to ones take place in the comfort of your home and last 1 hour and 15 minutes (from arrival to leaving). You will need a space clear of furniture in your home big enough to fit two people and yoga mats.   

1 hour £100 depending on location

Availability 11am-2pm Fridays term time

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