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Please find below the details of upcoming events and workshops.

Events & News

Yoga4Health qualification

To say that I am chuffed is an understatement. I have been wanting to do since I embarked on Yoga teacher training. Bringing yoga into the healthcare system is what it’s all about! What’s more this is solid gold backed up by science. Today, Monday 28/11/2022 I received my final certificate and I am now a 60-hour PCI accredited Yoga4Health teacher certified to teach the 10-week Yoga4Health protocol to NHS patients. Wish me luck! For now I shall rest while I come up with how to serve my community best. Many thanks to my Monday and Wednesday classes for your support. Much love



There are no upcoming workshops for the moment.

Female yoga teacher in reverse warrior pose, wide stance front right knee bent and left leg extended, right arm is extended towards the sky and so is her gaze, there is tree behind her in the park

Corporate yoga

Blue skies over Glen Dimplex who are about to have their first corporate lunchtime yoga session! 19/04/2023

Work is where we spend most of our time so how great is it to see that companies are investing in their staff’s wellbeing. Research shows that practising yoga results in better attendance, a more positive outlook and better sense of well-being.

If you are interested in booking corporate sessions too, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Peaceful Yoga Studio with white mats white pillows and yoga blocks light coloured wooden floors infront of large windows that have white blinds and long white curtains
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