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Why yoga with Kiki: My Classes

Yoga for Every Body


Welcomes all bodies, ages and abilities

Regular Yoga classes can seem a little intimidating as there often seems to be more Wendy Bendies than Stiffy Stefanies. “Yoga with Kiki” caters for all abilities. You will learn Yoga with a qualified and certified Yoga Alliance Professionals teacher in a supportive and inclusive environment. Poses will be differentiated to suit your body and your needs.
My classes are for you if you are a total beginner, if you are returning to Yoga or simply want to try a new yoga class. You will consolidate and refine your knowledge of Yoga.

The Benefits of Yoga

The benefits of Yoga are well documented and include increased flexibility and strength over time. But Yoga is much more than exercise. By consciously bringing your awareness to your breath and combining the breath with movement creates a mind -body connection that helps promote a feeling of peace and relaxation. If you have watched the documentary “Heal” on Netflix, an amazing documentary; it will give you an idea of the potential of Yoga. Yoga aims to restore balance by optimising the flow of energy within the body; by using a variety of poses in carefully designed sequences.

Celebrate your strength and uniqueness

In western society, the spiritual often takes second place as does looking after ourselves, our bodies and our minds, on a deeper level. In our classes, I invite you to turn your focus inwards. You will practise Yoga from a healing and reconciliatory perspective, as you learn to tune into your energy, truly listen and assess where you are at. You will experience a variety of Yoga practises with the aim to restore and maintain balance, working with your body and mind to rise and celebrate your own uniqueness.

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